The High School Field Trip.

The academic "capstone" of the iSchool experience is the Senior Project, which is meant to be grounded in an academic discipline but which can morph into many different things: board games, fundraising campaigns, museum exhibits, original fiction, etc. It begins in the spring, when Juniors take a "Critical Thinking" class in an academic discipline that they choose, and continues through the following fall ("Research and Writing," the outcome is a lit review) and winter (the project itself). So we're going into the third round of Critical Thinking. It's a methods class - eg, historiography - that's meant to introduce students to ways of thinking in English, social studies, math, the arts, science or tech. It's also an incredible opportunity for trips! We were imagining some NYC-based possibilities this afternoon, and came up with these:

Social Studies: Walking tours, the National Archives @ NYC, food tours (something like this?)

Arts: Performances (of music, dance - but where to find them cheaply and not at 10pm?), artist studios, Etsy Labs, Dia:Beacon / Storm King Art Center  (sculpture)

Science: Harlem DNA Lab

Tech: New York Tech Meetup, Hack Manhattan (or any other hackerspace), The Makery (youth-oriented), MakerBot, Eyebeam (art + tech space)

Math: Museum of Math, architecture studios

English: The Moth (a storytelling event), a newsroom (print or broadcast)